Biofuels Power Corporation (“BFLS”) has been at the forefront of the clean, alternative fuels industry. BFLS was the first company to develop biofueled power plants and has now shifted to small-scale gas-to-liquids("GTL") plants for stranded gas wells. Milestones include the following:

  1. Formed a joint venture with ThyssenKrupp Industrial Solutions(Germany and S. Africa) and Liberty GTL(U.S. and S. Africa) to develop a pilot GTL plant at the BFLS power plant site in Houston. Using equipment and technology prived by the partners, the pilot plant is expected to be commissioning in early 2015.
  1. Developed the nation’s first grid-connected biodiesel powered electric generation plant over one year ago in Oak Ridge North (“ORN”), Texas just north of Houston. This plant uses three Caterpillar generators that produce up to 5 MegaWatts as a peaker plant into the Centerpoint Energy connection in the Texas power grid known as ERCOT.
  1. Commissioned the largest grid-connected biodiesel project known as The Woodlands Area Renewable Power Plant (“WARPP”) which produces up to 10 MegaWatts using a General Electric Frame 5 turbine connected to the Entergy electric grid which powers eastern Texas and Louisiana.
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